Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I've debated for months on whether or not to start blogging, and more often than not, I would tell myself that I wouldn't.  My argument against it was that I wouldn't post very often, that I have a few points I'd like to make, but once they were addressed, this blog would remain relatively silent.  And that may very well be the case, but I sincerely doubt it only because of the fact that there is so much insanity and absurdity going on in this country that it's likely that I may be posting very often.  I mean, there are issues and topics being discussed and debated that are so ridiculous it seems as if we went down the rabbit hole wherein logic and reasoning have been abandoned for the feelings one gets when they ponder certain subjects. 
This blog will touch on a number of subjects including, but not limited to, politics, religion and sports.  I know, sports seems so trivial a matter compared to the other topics, but being a huge sports fan, I know how passionate people can get when it comes to their teams, and it will be a bit of brevity from, what could be, the weightiness of some of our discussions.
On that note, I will address the Lakers-Kings 2002 playoff series and, hopefully, shed some light on what many feel was a fixed series.  (It was, but not in the way you think)

With that said, I welcome your comments and discussion, so long as they are clean and are not personal.  I'd like the audience to enjoy this blog without worrying on whether or not it will be R-rated.  

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